Why home gyms are better than commercial gyms

Beyonce. In your gym who can hang the posters you want while listening to the music that gets you pumped.


Spend your money on things that matter

Vacations. Cars. House deposit. Family. These are what we really want to spend our money on.

Why give your hard earned money to commercial gyms every month? Not only are home gyms 10 times cheaper, you can even resell the equipment at any point and get 80% of your money back. The math is simple.

Leave your excuses at the door

Excuses are like car salesmen. They sound like they’re making a good point, but you always regret listening to them. A home gym removes these excuses. They gym is too far away? The gym is closed?  Those excuses will never stop you again.

Save time

“Time is money.”  No it’s not! Time is much more valuable – so you better use it well. Why spend your time in traffic heading to the gym? Or waiting for equipment when you get there?

With so many benefits of home gyms compared to commercial gyms, isn’t it time you got the best results possible?