Lift your way to weight loss at home

A common mistake. So many people believe cardio is the most effective tool for weight loss, but this isn’t quite right.


First, we need to clarify what we really mean by weight loss. Let’s be honest – we mean looking good naked. Let’s face it. And the best way to measure this isn’t by measuring weight loss, but by measuring body fat.

The scales are a lie. So grab some calipers to measure body fat, because the % of body fat we have is how we actually know we look good naked.

Why does this matter? Because it tells us cardio is not the best way to look good naked. Lifting weights is. Really? Yes, really. The fitness community is only now cottoning on as when you lift weights, you will not only lose fat, but you will gain lean muscle mass. And this is where the scales lie. They say you’ve lost only 1kg, but really you’ve lost 4kg of fat but gained 3 kg of muscle. It’s obvious when we think about it.

How does it work? Unlike cardio which increases metabolism significantly only during exercise, lifting weight increases metabolism for up to 36 hours afterwards.
So as you watch TV on the couch, you will be burning 75 calories instead of 65. That doesn’t sound like much, but over the 36 hours it’s 360 calories. That’s two extra desserts! Not to mention the calories you burned actually lifting weights. I’ll show you a simple program you can follow now.

A simple body part split you can follow is:
Monday: Calves/Abs
Tuesday: Shoulders
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Biceps/Triceps
Friday: Quads/Hams
Saturday: Chest/Back
Sunday: Rest

The best do it

Nobody keeps more trim by lifting than legendary big wave surfer Laird Hamilton. When he’s not taming 50ft waves you can find him in his home gym. He’s now in his 50’s, but that doesn’t stop him maintaining his strength, keeping a low body fat % and training to survive brutal wipeouts.

The more you do the easy it becomes

As you continue to gain lean muscle, you will naturally burn more calories, so your metabolism will be increased, making it easier and easier to keep that body fat low. By focusing on your body fat and not your weight – you will look better naked. And following the exercises above is the way to get there, so are you ready to look good naked?