How to look like Jarryd Hayne – A guide to gaining the physique of the rugby turned NFL superstar

The rise of ‘The Hayne Plane’


Chubby and weak. Despite being an explosive talent, Jarryd ‘The Hayne Plane’ Hayne was fragile and chunky compared to current NFL running backs. Does Hayne have elite talent? Yes. In elite shape? No.

Hayne looking out of shape next to his 49ers teammates.

Jarryd Hayne left the world of rugby as an Australian representative and arguably the greatest player in the world. He moved to California chasing his dream of playing for NFL team the San Francisco 49ers. To realise that goal, he would have to change his body. Fast.

Hayne managed to get ripped body in time for the beginning of the season.

Let’s take a look at how he made that change, so you can see how you can use your own home gym to build your own strong, lean body.

Building the physique

The Jarryd Hayne physique has one goal. Only one. Build lean muscle. That’s it. If you train hard and follow the principles of power and strength, then you will build lean muscle. If.

So how do you build lean muscle? Building lean muscle relies on 3 core principles.

  1. Intensity

Muscles grow in response to the stress of lifting weights. And the greater the stress, the bigger your muscles become. So put down the 2 pound dumbbells and lift heavy weights.

The 3 key exercises that stress (and grow) your whole body are the squat, deadlift and bench press.

  1. Variety

Once your muscles adapts to the lifting stress they stop growing. So what do you do? You change the stress by adding variety. This includes doing different exercises, and a new method.

Home gyms have so many different types of exercises. You can constantly add variety to your workout to get the best results.

While doing different exercises is effective, altering the number of reps is a new way to add variety. Do you usually do 3 sets sets of 8 reps? Well mix it up with 8 sets of 3 reps. Check out cluster training for more info.

  1. Consistency

Reading this may have realised advocating variety and consistency is a contradiction. It is. Kind of. I’ll explain.

You should add variety to your training program yes, but there are some factors regardless of variety which must remain consistent:

– You must do the big three lifts every week – squats, deadlifts and benchpress.

– You must commit to any training program for three weeks – and then add new exercises for variety.

– You must eat lots of protein every day. At least 150 grams.

Now it’s your turn

Jarryd Hayne is a remarkable talent. But before training with the 49ers he wasn’t ripped. He followed the three principles of intensity, variety and consistency. Do you want to build lean muscle? Then you need to incorporate those principles into your home gym workouts. Go on. Hit the gym today.