Celebrity home gyms

celebrity-home-gymStars. Idols. Celebrities are our modern day role models. As kids we looked up to fictional characters like Superman, Robin Hood and Snow White, and now as adults we look up to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton and Jarryd Hayne.

And we look up to them for a reason. They are the epitome of success, exemplifying talent, athleticism and charisma. Celebrities have risen to the top because of who they are, and by imitating them, we can replicate their successes.

In fact, celebrities are no different, they simply were the best at copying those that came before them.

The amount of time home gyms saves, and the privacy they bring aid celebs rise to stardom. Here’s a list of some of the many celebs using home gyms:



These celebs use a number of different home gyms. Let’s take a look.

Different gyms for different celebs

It’s no surprise to hear the Hulk Hogan and Ellen DeGeneres use different types of home gyms. I mean, would Ellen really want to look like an oversized wrestler? I don’t think so.

But what are the different types of home gyms? I’ll tell you now.


Models, actresses and designers are inspired by beauty. So they create stunning spaces that highlight their expensive art and sleek exercise equipment, like Mariah Carey.


Rock climbing walls, basketball courts and boxing rings are popular amongst the big names. Just ask Mark Wahlberg. These sports provide a full body workout that gets the heart pumping. And while you may not have the room for a basketball court, you can make do with a hoop in the driveway.

Highlighting property

Celebrities are known for having the most extravagant houses. And they know how to take advantage of them. There home gyms often have skyline views, and are positioned to make the most of the natural light.

Having fun in the gym

Expressing charisma never stops. Even in the gym. Celebs make their home gyms fun by adding games such as table tennis, pool, air hockey and darts. NFL player LaRon Landry took it to another level by decorating his entire gym to match the colours of his NFL team. Awesome.

Celebrities certainly have some of the most amazing home gyms on the planet. Whether they are fitted out with art, games, equipment or natural beauty – they all express the celebrity’s personality who uses them. And who better than the most successful can we learn from? Take a look how you can incorporate a home gym into your life.