The 3 Best Home Gyms of 2015 Revealed

Home gyms have been changing lives for decades. And we can thank legendary bodybuilders Jack Lalanne and Arnold Schwarzenegger for bringing strength and power training to the masses. They inspired so many of us fitness fans to look our best naked! In fact, the word gym comes from the greek word ‘gymnos’ – which literally means naked! And don’t we all want to look good naked? Not to mention the health benefits that come along with working hard in the gym.

Naturally, science has followed this lead with fancy tests and hypothesis. Unsurprisingly, they’ve found gym workouts to obliterate obesity, destroy diabetes and head off heart disease. The accessibility and privacy of home gyms has been crucial for people to improve their health.. and bodies of course.

Since we know that home gyms are great for busy people, we’ve decided to save you some time and identify the best three home gyms available. We donned our shorts and singlets to test a myriad of home gyms, and from our experiences we’re excited to introduce you to the best three home gyms out there!
We also explain the key features and designs that we’ve learnt, and a number of key benefits.

The Best 3 home gyms

What’s so great about home gyms?

Home gyms are at the core of the most successful athletes and actors for a reason. Mark Wahlberg used his home gym to bulk up for his Oscar nominated film ‘The Fighter’. And NFL superstar Tom Brady uses his home gym in preparation for winning the superbowl – and to look good for his supermodel wife Gisel Bundchen!

They key advantages are:

  • Workout anytime day or night. When the gym is right there you are going to use it a lot Whether you have 15 minutes at the end of the day, or are taking a 30 minute break you can hit the gym immediately. Forget the days of driving, finding a park, putting your bag away… and that’s all before you even hit the equipment.
  • Never wait for equipment to be free. That gym junkie doing a set then looking in the mirror for ten minutes and hogging a machine is no longer a worry. Finally!
  • Sweaty, gross equipment is no longer a worry. Have you ever laid down on some communal gym equipment to find it wet and greasy? I hate to break it to you but nobody spilt their water – that was sweat. Gross, right?
  • Never forget gym day again. Habits are formed from seeing a cue and reacting to it. As you will see your gym daily it is a consistent cue which builds your positive gym habit. Soon your home gym will become an ingrained part of your lifestyle.
  • Avoid the eyes of pervs. When you’re working hard to get the best from yourself, there is nothing worse than feeling that unwanted attention on you.
  • Save money. Every year gym memberships cost upwards of $500. Over five years that is a whopping $2,500 at least, more often it’s $4,500. It makes absolute sense to instead make a one time, one off purchase of $1,000, doesn’t it. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the health costs of not going to the gym at all…
  • Remind yourself of who you are, and who you’re becoming. Seeing the equipment you work hard on will give you a boost on those tough days, and the confidence to challenge yourself in other areas of life.


The different features of a home gym

To work out which home gym to pick, you need to be clear on your goals. In order to have consistent action we need a strong vision. There are a number of elements that can make up a great workout, so finding your favourites is the best place to start. The best exercise is the one you enjoy the most because it’s the one you will do the most.

Whether you love lifting heavy weights as it allows you to rest between sets, or high intensity workouts that boost your heart rate because you value getting a cardio and strength workout at the same time.

However, there are three area’s that everyone needs to make sure you cover, upper body, lower body and core.

Some key exercises your home gym needs to cover are:

  • benchpress
  • lat pull down
  • leg extension, standing curl
  • bicep curl
  • low pulley
  • leg press
  • ab crunches

Selecting the right gym for your purpose

So once you identify the types of exercises you want to do, you’re ready to set up a gym in your home. While you are going to want to get the gym that matches the exercises you want to do, you also want the gym that matches the space in your home that’s available.

A number of different design options can include:

  • Leverage gyms
  • Multi station gyms
  • Smith Machines
  • Cable machines
  • Power racks
  • Power rod gyms
  • Bodyweight gyms
  • Single stack gyms

No matter which design you choose, ensure that it comes with a quality warranty. Five years and above is the length you should look for. Any warranty that is 12 months or less, don’t even consider buying. Cheap equipment has short warranties for a reason – they’re poorer quality. And they are likely to cost you more in the long run as you have to replace them. For more on this check out our ultimate guide to choosing the right home gym.